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Buypd began selling properties in 2010, properties have been sold in over 10 states, property sales largely took place as for sales buy owner transactions. These properties were selected to be purchased and sold based on a number of factors, price, potential cashflow, rentability, cost of rehab, depressed local market condition, lagging recovering market, number of foreclosed properties, undervalued prices, improvement of employment conditions, and increasing comparable sales.

The market conditions have changed dramatically over the last 6 years, properties once sold by banks and counties as foreclosed properties for pennies on the dollar are few and far between. The number of foreclosures in the markets we bought and sold in has continued to drop significantly each year. The prices in these markets have increased steadily and continue to do so. When prices were lower and there was the ability to buy significant quantities of properties at these lower prices buypd took advantage of these conditions, as the market has changed and these prices are far higher than they once were it’s no longer feasible to buy and sell at any meaningful scale, as such buypd no longer sells for sale buy owner turnkey or investment rental properties. If you purchased a property and need support, we continue to maintain one staff member to support any lingering issues that need to be addressed.